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Lakes Online occasionally receives comments about the promotional services we provide and we wanted to share a few with you.

I advertised in several sources, but received many, many call/emails from the site. I would highly recommend to any seller or buyer.
Cynthia - Real Estate Listing (For Sale By Owner)

"The ad proved successful and I was very pleased and will use and recommend to others."
William - Real Estate Listing (For Sale By Owner)

"Thank you for the good work!! Business is growing thanks to your site!"
Rick - Rental Listing (Owner)

"We do have a couple of very good prospects, so maybe we will not have to renew beyond October. We have had very good results from this ad. There is a LOT of interest in your website."
Phyllis - Real Estate Listing (For Sale By Owner)

Terry - Banner advertising for promoting new water utility

"I need to take my rental off the web page for approx 6 months. I have it booked for a while and the person in it claims he will be there for a while. I just keep getting inquires on it and I hate telling them that it is booked. I can't believe how much response I have gotten from your web page. I have it as my default home page and enjoy it every day. Keep up the good work..."
Philip - Rental Listing (Owner)

"Wow! I got 4 inquiries by the first morning of posting this ad...I'm really pleased & encouraged by that."
Paul - Rental Listing (Owner)

"Just wanted to let you know that we have had emails and calls from seeing the web page... It is working really great at this time..."
Becky - Business Promotion Text Link with one web page

"We've experienced a really GOOD start on our lake adventure and much "THANKS" goes to you. We've truly enjoyed meeting the nice folks who've found us by way of your site"
Violet - Rental Listing (Resort)

"WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!!!! Please "unlist" our house for sale or put a huge sold banner across it. You know, we had our house for sale through realtors for quite a while...but it sold within three weeks when we advertised on the internet. We had twice as much interest and most of our calls were serious buyers. Absolutely the best way to sell a house, thanks so much."
Katie - Real Estate Listing (For Sale By Owner)

Great web site! The graph features are really cool!!!
Bill - User of the water level services

Cool Site!
Bill - User of the Lake Wedowee site

Decided to try take out on Saturday. Didn't have the phone number so looked 'em up on with my Blackberry. (Power of advertising with Bruce)
"Jim" - User of the Lake Martin site

I love your website. Me and several of my fellow bass club members use it all the time. We fish several different lakes in the area and need to get info on them as they come up on our schedule. We fish Boone, South Holston, Watauga, Douglas, and Cherokee regularly... Thank you for setting it up. We actually used it to plan our recent trip to Lake Weiss.
Steve - User of Lakes Online

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